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Short-Term Exchange Program

The short-term exchange program lasts from one-week cultural exchange events to half-year exchange programs. In principle, these programs are organized individually according to various purposes and the number of participants between MHS and its affiliated schools.

For example, a two-week exchange program would cover a wide range of activities such as intercultural living, academic and sports exchange events, etc. Each year, approximately 200 short-term exchange students visit our school.  In other cases, some recommendations made by MHS with overseas affiliated schools are needed.  For half a year exchange programs, government-sponsored students from programs such as Asian Bridge are usually selected.

Activities by short-term exchange students

Winner of the 28th Japanese speaking contest for foreigners 「Can we be friends?」


At the speech contest venue (upper photo)

Award received in front of around 260 students (right video)

List of short-term exchange program in 2019

  • 2019/4 5 months study program as an FYU exchange student (1)

  • 2019/4 1 month short-term international students from Chulalongkorn University demonstration second High school (3)

  • 2019/8 Half a year study program by Asian Bridge Project (MEXT): China (1), India (1), Indonesia (1), Malaysia (1), Thailand (1)

Exchange programs under 1 month

Exchange programs above 1 month

  • 2019.01   Taiwan Science exchangeTaichung Girls Senior High School, Taiwan; International Science Exchange Program (37)

  • 2019.02  British-Malaysia Cultural exchange program, SOSEP Exchange Program, students from the                   U.K. and Malaysia (6)

  • 2019.02  British Home visit program, Bristol Grammar School, U, K; Home-Visit Program (17)

  • 2019.04  Thai Cultural exchange program, Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary                           School, Thailand (24)

  • 2019.07  4 countries Joint Academic exchange event (54)                                                                                       Diocesan Boys’ School, Hong Kong (10)  Taichung  Girls Senior High School, Taiwan(35)                   Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture, University of Languages & International                              Studies,Vietnam (9)

  • 2019.07  Oceana Cultural exchange program, SOSEP Exchange Program, students from Australia a                   New  Zealand (8)

  • 2019.07  British Rugby exchange program, Christ College Brecon, U.K.; Rugby Tour (28)

  • 2019.07  SOSEP Exchange Program, students from the U.K. and Malaysia (7)

  • 2019.12  Malaysia cultural exchange program, Chung Ling High School (6)

Inquiry about the Short-term Exchange program

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