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As a Super Global High School, we thrive to educate students as world citizens regardless of our differences.  The friends you make at Meikei will be your friends for life.  Soon, you might be reunited with them somewhere around the world.  Start from Meikei to reach the world!

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Meikei High School now offers the IB Diploma Program as a dual language (Japanese and English) program.  Starting in 2022, it will offer the program completely in English.  You can graduate with double certificates  of completion by obtaining both the Japanese High School Certificate of Graduation and IB Diploma.

One of our first generation of foreign students, Nguyen Minh, is enrolled in the Bachelor's Program in Global Issues (BPGI) at the University of Tsukuba. Minh has plans for higher studies after graduation, and inspires to work in the global environment. 

University of Tsukuba, Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues (BPGI)

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University of Tsukuba

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