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Regular Program

The regular study program is divided into two courses: the MG (Meikei Gakuen) course and the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma course.

Progress of the MG/IB courses


Features of the MG/IB courses

Meikei Gakuen(MG) course

Classes of Japanese curriculum


This course offers the Japanese national curriculum, with the main focus being helping students enter Japanese universities.  In the first year of high school, you will take general courses from a range of subjects including humanities, science, physical education and art. 

An individual research project begins at the end of the first year.  You will conduct one year of the research based on your field of interest and later present your findings.  Through this project, we hope to inspire and prepare you for your career path.

From the second year, depending on your post-graduate direction, the courses will be separated into either Humanities or Science tracks.  Your courses will consist mainly of elective subjects, sometimes at the advanced level based on the different characteristics of the field you wish to pursue.

MHS is particularly strong in the sciences, with more than half of the students choosing to pursue science studies.  The entire third year will be devoted to preparation for the Japanese National University Entrance Exam.

After graduation, you will obtain a Japanese High School Certificate of Graduation to help you qualify for Japanese universities.  While some graduates do apply for majors in humanities and art, many choose their path in science or medical studies.


For the MG course, from the first year you will be taking subjects along with fellow Japanese students.  Similarly, most subjects are taught in Japanese. However, for particular subjects such as Japanese classics, more foundational classes are provided to support students who have had no prior educational experience in a Japanese high school.


This course is suitable for students who hold a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) of N3 level or above as of April in the first year, and who have a strong desire to study at Japanese universities.

International Baccalaureate(IB) course 

Classes of standard international curriculum

The course follows a standard international curriculum, enabling students to apply for universities worldwide, as well as in Japan.

In the first year, students will take both the Japanese national curriculum and a number of Pre-IB subjects, including Japanese, Earth Science and English, as preparation for the Diploma Programme courses which will officially start from the second year of high school.

In addition to providing academically challenging classes, the IB Diploma Programme aims to develop the essential qualities of a global citizen through its balanced curriculum. To this end, the course includes three core subjects: Theory of Knowledge, (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), in addition to the 6 subject groups. These combine to provide an extensive learning experience for students. After finishing the final examinations in October or November of their third year, and obtaining the minimum 24 points required, students will receive the IB Diploma. (Students who obtain less than 24 points will still be awarded an IB Certificate, which many universities will accept.)

In the first year of high school (Year 1) classes will be conducted in Japanese and English.  As we are planning to increase the number of English DP subjects available, it will be possible to study for the Diploma Programme in English in Years 2 and 3. International students will be able to study for the IB Diploma in English while improving their Japanese.


The IB course is suitable for students who have sights not only on Japanese universities but also international Universities worldwide.


Comparison between MG/IB courses

MG_IB course compares 2.png

The Syllabus and sample timetable of MG/IB courses

University enrollment results the of MG/IB courses

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