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One-Year Program

The one-year study program includes regular classes but is not purposed for obtaining a high school degree. The program can be designed according to your Japanese level and personal objectives.  After completion, you can continue high school in your home country, or if you graduate, be able to progress to a Japanese university.

The one-year program can be an opportunity for you to expand career skills, experience Japanese language and culture, or prepare for Japanese university entrance and more.  The classroom is made up of students with diverse backgrounds from various countries, including privately-financed students, national grant students, or publicly-funded international students such as the AFS (American Field Service) and more.

Activities provided by MHS include Japanese language courses, extracurricular activities, speech contests, collaboration with university students and local communities and more.  We will help design a personal study program to meet your objectives and support you with our best!



Class timetable (sample)


For students strong in science courses, you can take less credits of mathematics to maintain eight hours of the Japanese language weekly. After nine months, you are expected to reach the JLPT N3 level and continue to prepare for the Japanese National University Entrance Exam from high school.

  • Age limit: Graduated from a middle school in your home country, and be under 18 years old

  • Japanese language proficiency level: no requirements

  • History of learning Japanese: 12 months of Japanese language study is preferred.

  • English language proficiency: B1 level in English language is recommended. (For details, please refer to the English Proficiency Index below)

  • Entrance exam: exams on English, Math, writing skills and an interview are conducted. However, if you have B2 level English, the English exam will be exempted. (For details, please refer to the application requirements below.)

  • Credit acquisition: the decision to obtain credits will be determined by consultation at the start of the program.  You must be enrolled for one year from April to March in the following year to obtain the credits.  Half a year enrollment would not be recognized to obtain credits. (For details, please refer to the application requirements below.)

Qualifications for the One-year program

Messages from our Alumni

Nguyen Minh, first cohort, from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


Minh entered MHS from September, 2017, then he spent one year focusing on learning Japanese and finally got accepted to the University of Tsukuba, a top public university in Japan. 

Minh is enrolled in the Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues (BPGI) and inspires to work in an international organization.

(Video in English)


Ai entered MHS from April, 2018.  She focused her studies on Japanese language and culture for one year.  She was able visit her favorite country, Japan, to study the language and enrich her cross-cultural experience through this program.

After graduation, Ai entered a prestigious university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, and currently majors in International Politics.

(Video in Thai)

Wongtawan Wongsanganan Ai, from Bangkok, Thailand

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