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Dormitory  life


A Diverse Community

We view our dorm as a home, as well as an important educational environment for students to grow.  MHS dormitory provides accommodation and dining for nearly 190 junior and senior high school students from Japan and around the world.  This is a chance to experience what it means to be a 21st-century community, live a collective lifestyle shared with young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and think about how to live with others well.

In this environment, we hope to foster a spirit of respect for oneself and others, thus developing independent people who can play an active role in the world.

Life in the Dormitory

The dormitory is divided into four separate houses for male and female students from junior to senior high school.  In each house, every floor has a teaching staff known as the House Master, who lives with his or her family.  Together with Meikei High School’s Principal and his family who also live in the dormitory, all the teachers in school, and the House Masters support students in all aspects of daily life such as lifestyle guidance and health management.

The senior high school dorm is made up mainly of double rooms, with the bedroom and study space separated.  Every floor is equipped with shared washing machines, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a water heater for communal use.  The bathhouse includes both a large public bath and single shower stalls, which open during set times in the morning and evening. 

Dormitory schedule


​wake up and cleaning




going to school


supper and bathing​


self study​

​(free time on saturday)


preparing for bedding



For dining, under the supervision of a dietitian, kitchen staff prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for the morning, noon and evening.


Studying in the Dormitory


In the dorm, you study every night during a set time, otherwise known as the “Quiet Time” (individual study time).  This allows students to adjust their study pace and concentrate.  In addition, various activities are organized for students to help them improve in their weaker subjects, prepare for university entrance exams, and learn languages.  Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese and other language tutoring sessions may be arranged.  Students can also take piano and violin lessons.  The dormitory is a supportive environment for each student’s development.


Through these experiences, those whom you spend time living with will become lifetime treasures. The day might come where everyone can reunite somewhere across the globe!

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