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Courses for International Students





Welcome to Meikei High School

To every student coming to study at Meikei High School (MHS) from around the world, we pledge our full support in propelling you to step out into the world and contribute to creating a new society for the 21st century.

Regular Program

For the regular program, you will enroll from the first year or second year of senior high school and acquire graduation credits for two to three and a half years of study.  The program is divided into two courses, the MG (Meikei Gakuen) course, where you will obtain the Japanese High School Certificate of Graduation, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma course.  After graduation, you can apply to top-ranking universities not only within Japan, but also around the world. 

One-year Program

The one-year study program includes regular classes but the aim is not to obtain a high school degree.  The program can be designed according to your Japanese level and personal objectives.  After completion, you can continue high school in your home country, or if you graduate, be able to enter a Japanese university.

Short-term Exchange Program

In principle, the short-term exchange programs are organized individually according to various purposes and the number of participants between MHS and its affiliated schools.  For example, a two-week exchange program would cover a wide range of activities such as intercultural living, academic and sports exchange events, etc.  Each year, approximately 200 short-term exchange students visit our school.

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Overseas Partnerships

Meikei High School has numerous educational cooperation programs with 23 prestigious schools of various traditions and specialties representing 12 countries worldwide.

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